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Autor: Juicebox Music (India)

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Dousk, Jorgio Kioris - Ozaki 8 (Dousk Remix) [Juicebox Music]

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We start 2018 with ‘Ozaki 8', a single by Dousk & Jorgio Kioris, two of Greece's most influential artists. No stranger to the music industry, Dousk's catalogue dates back to more than a decade, stemming from his debut release on John Digweed's "Bedrock Records" in 2004. Over the years, his irresistibly club-friendly grooves made its way to more influential labels like Kasey Taylor's "Vapour Recordings", George Kyriakou and Nikos Barlas' "Klik Records" to the late Jerry van Schie's seminal "Groovecollection Records" and more recently Pena's "Flow Vinyl", Omid 16B's "Alola Records" & Tash's "Movement Recordings" to name a few. Fellow countryman Jorgio Kioris marked his presence too, not only as the Founder & CEO of Greece's massive ‘Bloque Festival', but through his musical talent as well, landing his productions on Madloch's "Crossfade Sounds", Cid Inc's "Replug" & Milos Miladinovic's "Balkan Connection". After their first successful collaboration on New York based "ICONYC" titled ‘One Man', Dousk & Jorgio Kioris teamed up once again for Juicebox Music with a tech-house number founded by a solid thumping groove, playful bassline, sprinkles of melodies & vocals chopped up to taste.

Dousk decides to revisit ‘Ozaki 8' & interpret it in his current club-inspired vision. A heavier & driving low-end plants the remix's aggressive focus, with all the original elements placed in the right spots, leading up to a huge tension-built breakdown for the big finale.

To continue the momentum, we called another power-packed duo, currently based in Colombia - Kamilo Sanclemente & Golan Zocher. With a stellar collection of music under their individual belts, their combined efforts have been making waves across the industry in the past few years through their releases & remixes on Darin Epsilon's "Perspectives Digital", Deersky's "Soundteller Records", Juan Pablo Torrez's "Clubsonica Records", Proton Music's "Particles" as well as Paul Thomas + Aly & Fila's "FSOE UV" imprint. Bringing their ‘progressive' sound to the table, they flipped ‘Ozaki 8' to a more journey-driven motive, filled with soaring synths & melancholic melodies.

Closing the pack is Ireland's Kieran J. Always surprising us with a fresh & unpredictable sound, his music's found home on Norman Hines' "Stripped Recordings", Madloch's "Sound Avenue" and Lonya's "Asymmetric Recordings". Apart from making music, he's held residencies in his hometown along with a radioshow ‘Vivid Sessions' showcasing his vastly wide taste of music. Kieran's rendition of "Ozaki 8" takes the classic 'deeper-side-of-house' route through retro-style chord stabs, multiple phrases of melodies and the vocals from the originals brought to light, all sitting on a warm groove, perfect for sunny days.

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