Black Panther 2018 Dual Audio Hindi 720p BluRay 1.1GB | Bizalom (2018) 1.évad 5.rész | Das Boot (1981)

Czas: 04:01

Odsłony: 1 802 602

51 673 700

Dodany: 2017-10-15 21:00:17

Autor: Life of Boris

Kategoria: Muzyka

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RED ROUBLES - Boris vs. XS Project

Boris and XS Project bring you new fresh hardbass track. Get your subwoofer and ushankas ready!

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Music by: XS Project
Vocals by: Boris the Super Slav
Lyrics by: Boris the Blin
Camera work by: Sergei
Edited by: Boris



This is how we live
Раз два три
Red roubles what you have to give
Nothing is for free

Don't need a big expensive car
I'll ride a f*ng bike
Red roubles and some семечки
Exactly what I like

Blood is pumping mama's квас
Big red roubles - это класс
No fast Lada in garage
Just my девочки and bass

From zero to пиздец I go
In half a second flat
Because in Soviet Russia
Hardbass play you, блядь

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