If you’re a small-business owner relying on personal investments for capital, you’re not alone. About three-fourths of starting businesses depend on personal or family savings when starting out.2 But what happens when your lack of funding prohibits your business’s growth? You might wonder how to get small-business loans from a bank or credit union. As a less established business, you can’t bank on help from a bank. Fortunately, some services specialize in online business loans for smaller companies.

After reading this review, you should know more about our five favorite picks and understand which loan company best fits your needs.

Lendio: Best overall

Lendio doesn’t make direct loans; it aggregates loan options from a network of over 75 business funders, including Kabbage, AMEX, and Enova. Within a single platform, Lendio allows you to navigate hundreds of loan options, custom tailored to your business’s budget needs.

While Lendio’s service is free—the company is funded by its partner lenders, not customers—there are some loan qualifications to meet. Your business needs to have been in operation for at least six months, your credit score should be 550 or higher, and your monthly revenue should be no less than $10,000 a month. If your company meets the eligibility bar, Lendio should be your first click: it’s been fast, easy, and comprehensive for over 33,000 small-business owners who’ve secured more than $650 million in loans since 2011.

Kabbage: Most convenient

Just like its unique name, Kabbage takes a distinctive approach to its small-business lending. If you value the speediest approval process and easily accessible funds, Kabbage’s lines of credit might be the funding option for you.

Kabbage doesn’t peg your small business with hidden fees, but its fee-based system is a little tricky to understand at first. You pay a principal-based fee of at least 1% every month, but in the first months of your loan, you’ll see a higher percentage rate. This makes early payment possible but less effective.

OnDeck: Best for established businesses

Some of the companies on this list offer lines of credit while others offer term loans. OnDeck provides both, giving your business options. If you have a specific project or purchasing goal in mind, you can grab a loan that lasts from 3 to 36 months. Or if you need to be prepared for occasional surprise costs, you can opt for a line of credit and pay interest only on the amount you draw.

Costs will vary according to your company’s cash flow and credit score, but the lowest annual interest rate listed is a competitive 9.99%. If you decide to borrow from OnDeck again in the future, you’ll receive significant discounts to reward you for your loyalty. However, make sure you’re okay with frequent, smaller payments because you’ll need to plan on either a daily or weekly repayment schedule.

Funding Circle: Best customer service

As one of the pioneers in peer-to-peer lending, Funding Circle has been around for a while. Perhaps part of its sticking power comes from great customer service. If you read through reviews of the company online, you’ll see a fairly consistent message of reliable service and helpful staff. Funding Circle also doesn’t require a specific amount of yearly revenue, which can help a small business with a solid reputation but low annual revenue.

Funding Circle serves small businesses in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany, but it doesn’t provide small loans: you’ll need to be in the market for a loan of $25,000 or more. You’ll also want to ensure your business has a solid credit score to benefit from Funding Circle’s comparatively low interest rates. Make sure you also pay close attention to the origination fee of the loan, since it will change along with your interest rate.

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